Friday, April 17, 2009


Hmm.. Updations..
I got abused by a guy, Kevin the jamaican. Yeah.. he hit me. Oh well. Um today was fabu!!

Okay so me & emcee & jam went to beer bash. saw our buds. went to the park. swings & things!! super fun. then we played on the jungle gym and slide and just took hella pics for no reason. my hair is all natural. pics as sooon as megs uploads em.

oh my gosh mister is sooo NASTY>... so yeah found out some ish that he did.. like, why do you have to tell her the SAME thing you tell me?? and why do you have to lie bout it?? i'm so over liars.. smh. they officially suck as humans.

umm im tired. nothing to write about. drinking tonight with the homies. roll out auto bots.

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