Wednesday, April 8, 2009


After years of having relaxed hair.. after i cut my hair back in october, i decided that i wanted to go "natural". Up until 9th grade, my hair was pressed. No perm. Unfortunately I hated the oily tresses i had down my back so i got that good ol' relaxer and a new layered do. I was ecstatic. My hair was so silky and shiny and bouncy. Lovely.. After years, my hair slowly lost its luster. Wouldn't really grow much. And when it did grow, it was so uneven i was forced to cut it again and again just to even it out a bit. Eventually I began to wear weave, something I never done in my LIFE besides braids back in elementary.. Loved it. But still needed a change. Cut it ALL off in a short rihanna inspired hairstyle. Loved it. But now I haite having to perm it more.. So transition started. I'm not gonna lie, In december I did perm the front of my hair in a moment of weakness.. I wanted my bangs and edges to look nice.. but i didn't leave the perm on long at all. Maye 3mins tops and i felt horrible.. Got a wash-n-press in January & the lady cut and shaved the back really short.. left the top.. So my back is completely natural. When i wash it. i'm in love. its curly. Nice. feels soft like cotton.. but now i need to find shampoos & styling products for my new texture. Garnier only worked when Olive Oil relaxer was my bff. So we shall see what happens with this baby fro.

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