Sunday, April 26, 2009

Smashed & Obsessed

Last night i had my date with emcee. We saw the beyonce movie. Uh duh we did. I freakin luv Bey.. Enjoyed the movie too. Only because the "i'm a black woman and i can't stand no white woman taking my successful man" mentality has been embedded in my brain for years now. Its funny because attending this school I've become more pro-ME (ie black power/female empowerment). Actually I kinda see myself playing the Ali Larter role though. I can be the temptress. lol. what a role. Anywho--

I feel really sick right now. Like sickening sick. Stomach in shambles. Never eating healthy again. Gross. Blame the BC. & Doc Green's. I can't wait until I come home :P
Get to see my shanahnahs & hoohas. Have a job already lined up. Trying to acquire alternate employment as well. Yes honey. I'm trying to stack stacks. lol.

Just filled out another application. I love online ish :)

Boys really suck. They never wanna hang when i wanna hang & i dont know what to do about the physical aspect of things.

Oh well i'll be leaving soon. bye bye losers.

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