Saturday, April 25, 2009


Sometimes I feel like i'm the ONLY person who understands why i'm going natural. Like I have no problem rockin short hair at all but some, ahem boys, always say things like "You cut your hair Again?!" like its a BAD thing. I mean, honestly before I got the short "rihanna wannabe cut" in October- my hair was by NO means long. My hair hasn't been healthy since 2006. My scalp was always dry & dandruff filled. My ends were continuously being split and damaged. My hair was a mess. The cut was the best thing.

Just because I rather rock this lil baby fro doesn't mean I don't take time to do my hair.Every other morning I have to either Co-wash or spray my hair down with a leave in conditoner since its absorbing sooo much moisture daily. But then I see a guy and he like you just keep cutting your hair. It looks REALLY short. Honestly, the length is longer than before.

My hair has grown alot. Dumb twits don't realize that my natural hair is ridiculously curly. Like spirals all over curly- therefor the longer it gets, the tighter the curls appear thus making my hair seem shorter. SMH. If i flat iron my hair, my bangs are touching my nose, hair in the back is definitley tapping that neck (lol) and the sides are sooo long that i brush them back and bobby pin them in place so i won't have an uneven fro. If i picked out my hair ala 70s, then you'd see the true length.

but i don't really care. i play with my curls daily. I ravel, and unravel the spirals only for them to plop back into place. My hair is so healthy now. and BEAUTIFUL. I absolutely love it.. if you don't- you don't love yourself. "It takes a strong confident woman to rock her natural hair in a world wear everyone else is using relaxers and weaves.." and that girl is Me. :)

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Angel1907 said...

I understand totally how you feel. I look at it like this, as long as I am happy with my hair, then I don't really care what other people think about it, because I am not here to please anyone else. I am happy to know that my hair is curly, healthy and strong and not straight, relaxed and fried. A friend of mine made a point to me a while back. She said, "you see so many people out here trying to get weave and things put in their hair just so it will be curly or wavy and they are not taking the time out to realize that if they would get to know their own natural hair texture, then they would not have to go to the bss to buy a pack of hair to have it glued or sewn in every week to two weeks just to achieve a certain look that they can get using their own natural hair". So, I understand where you are coming from. A lot of people look at me also when I do a wash and go and think that I cut my hair again also, but no matter how much I explain it to them, they still seem to never understand.