Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Stalker Chronicles; Revisited (Marta Tales)

Sooo.. My stalker is still umm stalking. Soo saturday night i was gettin ready to go out with emcee and HE calls. Asks if i miss him & when i say no he's like oh just a little bit.. Like putting words in my mouth. What a freakin creeper. Honestly, i'm not afraid of him. I doubt if he'll harm me.. He just wants to continue what he started.. Maybe i should like be crazy back and he'll leave me alone. You know.. continuously call him.. hahaha
I always get a feeling he's near me.. While walkin home I made mea & bam be quiet cuz i thought he'd hear me.. smh. seconds later he's literally right in front of me.. Creeptastic. Luckily he didn't see me..

Tried to go to a strip club last night.. Lets just say it was ALL bad!!! =[
For one it rained.. Two we're under 21. And three, I honestly don't wanna see naked girls vaginas in my face. that's not my thing. Drinkin was fun :)
Maybe you should mix claritin excedrin & bacardi..

I'm patiently waiting to see if Anthony's coming out this way to visit. I can't lie.. I do still like him. I know the feelings are mutual.. I just wonder if its better off that we just be friends and nothing more you know..

I haven't written in weeks it seems. Losing this luster since everyone and their little brother has a blog. Oh well.

I was on the marta the other day and a lady's water had just broke prior to her gettin on the marta. She got off on one station.. White lady asks when she's due, she says NOW. Mea goes, "did your water break or something" lady goes "idk.. not alot like gushing but just a lil bit..." um ma'am ur water broke and you're takin the marta by yourself to the hospital?? sucks. no friends. mama. baby daddy. smh. suckish. Then she gets off like 2 stations later AND this white lady walks towards us and there is a wet spot on her legs. I'm like did she pee.. i look at her butt. The cliche wet-my-pants mark.. smh. SADNESS. On a sunday night at 11pm she's already pissy drunk.. wow.

Just another day in the life of Bee. Marta stories.. Stalkers. & Strippers.

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