Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bee Vs The Bee

I made this video on my bro's flip cam a week or so ago & forgot to blog about it. So one day I got bored & decided that I wanted to wear my hair in a big fro for the rest of the week. I went that whole week without washing it. I just moisturized my ends while it was in a high bun and fluffed every morning. Pretty bad ass. So I grabbed Shena (lil sis) & we went to our backyard and made a video. Well needless to say the bees were a lil bit too interested in my hair products or perfume because they were ALL on me. SMH. Hilarious.Initially it was gonna be a growth video & all about my hair but yea those darn swarming buzzing things.. Anywho, here's the video. Enjoy.

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