Saturday, November 20, 2010

Work Hair? =/

I haven't had much time to blog. I spend my days at Wal-Mart working as a Cashier.. sometimes nights as well. Who knew I'd actually buckle down and get a regular 9-5 and start paying for shit myself. I mean, the photography thing was cool for awhile but I never had a steady paycheck. *sigh* As soon as I get paid though my MONEY IS GONE. I don't hate my job.. I just don't like it. I can't see myself doing it for longer than a year... but its pretty easy. I'm standing all day though. Rude customers. I so want to snap at ppl. Yesterday I did because a lady rolled her eyes at me because I said she should go to another line because we were taking a lil longer than usual. ANYWHO... I guess I can show you my "work" hair. I wish I took pics of my twist out bang yesterday.. I forgot. I've been wearing a lil cap thingy to work. got tired of headbands & bows & styling daily. My hair doesn't like NOT being washed biweekly. My scalp is so itchy. 

 At first I was wearing a wash n go / hair revival by spritzing my hair before work daily.. that got old fast because my hair is super frizzy & tends to get big fast.. *sigh*

This was taken 10mins ago.. my knit cap is on. Usually I wear a sequined one but today I didn't feel like being glitzy. =] Underneath my cap is an abundance of two strand twists. I originally planned on keeping ALL of my hair twisted up until December but I feel like my scalp hates not being cleansed weekly. Whenever I DO wash it, I shall twist it up again. Now on to do my makeup, lotion up & get ready for work in 40mins. *sigh* I soo miss blogging.

I also just purchased the SIMS 3 & I'm back in gamer mode. Absorbed in it. I need to stop because I feel like I'm gaining weight.. Who am I kidding-- the weight gain is probably walmart chicken's & mcdonald's fault. I'm such a fatty. I get a large Dr Pepper every damn day.. Pair it with a Mcdouble; add mac sauce & a small fry.

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