Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dear Lil Kim

I fucks with you. Like, you were one of my favorite rappers growing up. I went as you for Halloween in 2007 (pink wig & all). Nicki is coming for your throne and all you can do is talking about erasing her social security #?? KIMBERLY JONES! Get yo ass in the fucking studio and show her why they call you the Queen Bee! Talk is cheap! This bitch is getting all the fucking shine. All the recognition. Niggas is actually listening to female rappers again--- if you're gonna beef with her, drop a track! Not a whole mixtape or album-- ONE SONG! Just one freakin song. That's all we ask. If you say you started the Barbie shit then take the Barbie shit back. Take the wigs back. Take the plastic surgery back. If it was Foxy you woulda BEEN came for her neck.. Show her you the muffukkin OG.

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