Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dear Bow Wow,

I tell everybody the same freaking thing... If you really wanted to kill yourself, you wouldn't tweet about it. You'd just do it. Dude I went to school with hung himself. He aint tell anyone on myspace he was gonna do it. Nigga just did it. Can't take you seriously right now. You aint gone do shit. I mean, for one suicide aint the answer. I know you think that your problems are just too much but... No ones problems are too much. Always remember that somebody has it worse than you & wishes they could trade lives with you. If you would have gone to college & got a regular job you'd be sitting at a desk right now thinking "Damn I wish I woulda been a rapper...". Like I sit on my laptop & say "Damn.. I shoulda tried the acting thing a lil bit more..." You know? We don't know Shad because we don't know you on that personal level. Like these fools reading this don't know Brittney! They just know Bee Michelle. Snap out of it kid. If you kill yourself... smh. Thats just desperate.

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