Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lil Kim did NOT turn Pink Friday Into Friday the 13th

That "diss" record was an epic fail.. I mean I was expecting another ETHER but I got some shit that I coulda made in my closet during my 15min break. Wtf Lil Kim?! So weeeak mama. I thought Nicki Minaj was about to rumble with the bee & you was gon put a hex on her whoooole family. Dressed in all black like the Omen. Fuck that. You shoulda just re-released some of your old shit. And to say that Black Friday was better than ANYTHING Nicki has done isn't saying much. You're just saying Black Friday sucks less. If you're gonna have beef, have good beef.

to be continued...

I was expecting some "You wanna rumble with the Bee huh?" type shit. Some real QUEEN BEE type shit. Not this you lil Kim Clone Clown type shit. Because HONESTLY, Kim cant talk about ass injections when she is injected with more silicone than anybody. Gross. Both of yall sit down. We know Nicki only said something bout Kim now because her record is coming out.. perfect for Roman's Revenge.

Fuck both of em.

I'll take Trina talking bout sex & fucking dudes with money and Missy making me dance than anything these two heffas putting out.

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