Monday, January 12, 2009

Dorothy Jean Dandridge

Not many people know that I love MOVIES, especially black movies. I love biographies and biopics and all that goodness and one of my favorite movie legend was Marilyn Monroe.. While reading a book on her life when I was younger, I came across something about the legendary Dorothy Dandridge. About the similarities in their lives, how they were somewhat friends, and both died tragically before their times. If you don't know, Miss Dorothy Dandridge was the FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN NOMINATED FOR BEST ACTRESS AT THE ACADEMY AWARDS.. Halle Berry starred in the movie based on her life that came out some years ago called "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge"; You should go see it.. Also befitting, Halle Berry was the first African American woman to win that award and in her acceptance speeched thanked ladies like Ms. Dandridge for paving the way..

so yes, i'll always love Marilyn because she is MARILYN, but you have to know that Dorothy is the IDOL. If you didn't know, check out my facebook.. One of my display pics was of hers.. THIS pic here actually :)

so google Dorothy Dandridge!!!!!
Watch the musical Carmen Jones also starring Harry Belfonte and LEARN about your history :)

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