Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Dream

When I was little I always had this same dream... Its starts out with me noticing someone from across the room. I think he's really attractive and I want to meet him but when I begin to get close to him, he suddenly goes away. The rest of the dream involves me chasing him down just trying to see his face. The dream usually stopped after I caught up to him and am about to see his face. Usually I trip and fall to my death or something. Once, I thought I caught him and he turned around but it was the wrong guy. Another time I fell to my death--- but I didn't die because when I hit the ground I just got back up and began to run some more after this guy. I never found him.

I did crazy things to get to this guy too. I was jumping down flights of stairs. Running across the tops of buildings. Like real fearless shit. Once I think the guy even noticed me chasing him and he still continued to run. Sometimes he wouldn't even run... He would just walk at a normal pace but I still couldn't move fast enough. smh.

Now that dream has a bit more significance to me. I get it now. Chasing after goals that even I don't really believe I can reach.. and if I am ever able to reach it, something happens to me where it doesn't matter anymore or it turns out to be something that I don't want.

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