Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm Single... Still.

I'm Single.. Still single that is. Very single. Like, not even close to being in a relationship. I don't even talk to any guys right now. Hell, I really don't even care about my disastrous nonexistent love life for once in my life. Things are the way they should be. I've accepted the fact that I've got this weird tendency to chase after guys that I know don't want to be committed to me or that really think I'm 100% psycho. Eh, whatever. I actually thought about not being as crazy just to see how it would work out with someone but I've finally realized that... that shit is for the birds.  I am merely a shell of myself if I eliminate my so called crazy trait. I'm so boring. I don't feel like myself anymore.

I don't know where that came from. Everyone is trying to change me back to the old me or change me into someone totally different.. but I don't want to change. I just want to live my LIFE.

I am NOT changing. I will never change. Fuck.

Im sorry. My blog is such a bore now. I never write about shit. No rendezvous. No crazy antics. No witty commentary. No nothing. I've let you down. I'll get back on it soon. Just wait. I just need to... exhale.

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