Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, New Hair

did i blog about my hair?? Well i straightened it on New Years Eve..

Of course I got tired and stopped half-way through which is why the back is so puffy. smh

Luckily it has grown a it. finally past my shoulders *big smile* the only problem? Its so frizzy. That's what I get for living in Texas.

In the matter of 5mins of picture taking the silky straight tresses decided to shrink & puff up. grrr... 
 Last night I decided to twist my hair (while dry). My hair already had a lil product in it from my wash the day before and the wash n go look is sooo not for my hair anymore (especially in winter)

So after I twisted my hair I added a bit of my gel. I've used cantu sheabutter gel bc its sold at walmart and i get 10% off (cheap). The leave in is a bit blah but the gel is awesome. Awesome hold. No flakes. Hair is still soft.

My previous attempts with the dry twist outs were disastrous because I tried to be like Miss Curly Nikki and my friend Megan and make chunky twists.. but MY hair is thin. So i did medium/small twists. I had less than 20 in my head though. I originally planned on leaving my twists on until Friday but Ididn't like how I looked with them this morning. 

lemme toot my horn for a minute. my face is amazing. you see my eyes & mouth?

 This twist out actually looked like perfect little ringlets. I was amazed. so much that I did my ghetto girl face when i pulled out a curl. Woot. Dry Twist Outs > Wet Twist Outs.. (unless you leave the twists in for a couple of weeks).

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