Thursday, January 27, 2011

Henna Part Two

One of my friend commented that my curl pattern looks different now since I've henna'd.. I feel like investigating.

this is my hair BEFORE henna.. 2 day old dry twist out..
You can't see my curl pattern because ONE; it's really dry & TWO; it's been manipulated by a twist out.

See my curls? This is my true curl pattern. :)

I still have the same curls that spiral out from the side of my head.. and of course the front part of my hair (bangs & ish) hang down in my face and are loosely curled giving me that Michael Jackson BAD era look. 


See the curl patterns are still the same! My hair is just usually dry.. or 2-3 day old hair. 
I only manipulate my hair and comb out the curls because i have some strands that are extremely coily like corkscrews while others are more loose and wavy.. *sigh*

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