Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Twelve Midnight

Need I say how I feel right now? I think you get the picture. I have a plan to woohoo in the morning before I go to work.. I think. I hate mornings. I wanted to plan something for spring break but i realized that I'm a new worker. Grrrr... Megan wanted me to go to Vegas or Miami with her. SMH. I can't though. I promised that my next flight would be to NYC by any means necessary. I gotta see the homie.lover.friend... or whatever he is now. He has to see my new boobs. Oh, Did i tell you guys that I have big boobs now?

Yea, 34D. Not only do I have cakes & yams.. I have pillows too. :)

Is it bad that I'd fly to ny for some great sex and awesome conversation? I don't care.. Obviously been missing out on some goodness. *sigh* I'm a ticking time bomb right now......

Speaking of sex..


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