Monday, January 17, 2011

LOVE? And other feelings..

What is this thing called LOVE? 
Can anyone answer this simple question for me?? How do you know if you truly love someone? If someone asks you WHY you love them, & you have nothing to say does it mean you really don't love them? 

I'm a bit confused. I don't know how I feel or if what I'm feeling is "really real". Maybe I'm just tired of being alone so I'm forcing my mind to think my heart is feeling something that isn't there. Maybe I'm faking it. Maybe. Idk.

We kissed tonight. First time this year. It felt like old times. He was just like "Give me a kiss before you leave..." and of course I didn't oblige. I'm not a real fan of kissing but his kisses are different. I yearn for them. I go back for more... 
It started out as a simple closed mouth kissed then slowly his lips parted & mine did as his.. and quickly turned passionate.It was sweet though. That one kiss brought back a barrage of memories and feelings that I buried long ago; or at least I thought I did. I love him, I think. Me and him kinda felt right for a moment.. 

We talked about stupid shit. He stared at me for awhile talking about certain facial features I possess. And then I... Well thats's the end of that. The rest shall remain unwritten.

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