Sunday, December 13, 2009


I was supposed to have been named Piaget but mother didnt like it.

Wouldn't I be SO cool if mother would have named me something original; like Piaget??

This one dude calls me Bria. I dont' like Bria because it reminds me of Bria Myles (Drake's old thang...) & Bria Murphy (Pleasure P's new thang/Eddie daughter).

I think im just under Bria in his phone so his ex/gf wont be able to get my number & confront me. ooopsies.

I feel like changing my name to Piaget [piyah-jay].

What do you think?

Piaget Michelle. ??? Everybody call's themselves Bee now. & they don't even like bees like me..

they dont want a tattoo of bees on their bodies like ME!! smh..

fuck it. Ima stick to Brittney.

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