Sunday, December 13, 2009

I ooze sex?

im addicted to boobs.

just because i want implants doesn't mean im insecure about my boobs. i wrote a whoooole post bout my insecurities.. well most of em; boobs aren't on the list..

im more insecure about my ass than my boobs. WHY?!

i always think that a guy is only interested in me because 1) he heard that I LOVE sex & thinks that translates to im easy..
2) he likes my ass

Its an automatic assumption because majority of the men i meet comment on my body within the first 5mins of conversing with me if not the first 5sec they see me. smh

somebody told me its bc of the clothes i wear. i say bullshit. i get more attention in sweats and a hoodie. there is no hiding my ass.

If i wear a short dress, im just showing off my legs. low cut shirt its the B cups. Jeans & Tee?? hell regular lookin ass. baggy clothes. whatever.. i still get attention. my clothes dont make or break me. you're stupid.

you see me; you wanna fuck. i get it.

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