Saturday, December 19, 2009

Progress My Ass...

"We haven't progressed much since Tupac died. 'Brenda's gotta baby but Brenda's barely gotta BRAIN'. guess progress is a slow process smh"

This was my latest tweet. It made me wonder as soon as I posted it...

How far have we REALLY come in the last 15 years? Okay so we have a Black President-- A big accomplishment but that isn't really solving any problems. We still have a wide abundance of insecure girls who feel that they must have sex with a guy for him to care about and LOVE her. There are still father's who are not taking care of their children. There are still too many women who have kids and do NOT know who the father of their babies' are.

The Maury Show may be full of fuckery but it shows EXACTLY what is wrong with our country and OUR people. Women testing 3+ men and ALL of them aren't the father?! I don't know whats more upsetting; the fact that you had sex with so many men in that small time frame that you don't know who could be the father or that you're having unprotected sex with all of these men. This is not 1980. Everyone is fully aware of HIV & AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases/infections.

Instead of testing for DNA, maury should give all of the people on his show a blood/urine test and see exactly what kind of 'situation' they are really working with. Thats all that i'm thinking about when i watch that show..

As women you must take the initiative to protect yourself if he doesn't seemed that worried about it. You can carry condoms in your purse. Hell you carry everything else in there. I even have condoms in my backpack-- you never know! Better yet, if he doesn't want to use protection Don't have sex with him-- Don't have sex with a guy you are not exclusively involved with.

Maybe I should not sound so preachy because I am no better than anyone. I have had unprotected sex before. I have had sex with a guy I am not exclusively involved with. I have been that girl JUST like you. I'm just trying to be real.

Maybe if a little girl had a father who told her she was beautiful everyday she wouldn't feel the need to hear a man say it while he's inside of her to make her feel life she is worth it. Maybe if a mother talked to her daughter openly & honestly she would know better and wouldn't fall for those stupid lines these guys tell. Maybe a father should be a better example for his son so that he can know what a real man is.. Maybe just maybe.

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