Saturday, December 19, 2009


There are some people that I love. Just for the sake of liking something. I've talked about her before-- I love Solange. Now I love Beyonce more.. but ever since she had those red braids & was in Bow Wow's puppy love video. Call me crazy but I do. Especially since she cut all her hair off. I like people who just dont give a fuck.

And this is why she is the shit. She doesn't care that everybody hated the cut or said she needed an edge up. Blahhhh. I feel the same way sometimes when ppl tell me I need to get a perm or STRAIGHTEN my hair. No I don't. I like my fro. If I want straight hair i can BUY some. I don't need your acceptance, praise or compliments. I think I should name my hair..

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