Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Other Woman..

Have you ever been the "other woman"?? I have. I can admit that full heartedly. A couple of times. I always wondered why I only attracted the guys who already had girlfriends but I soon realized that I was the one who seemed to ONLY want to be with the guy who was already in an established relationship. What was wrong with me that I only wanted to be THAT girl?

I didn't know this then but now its very easy for me to see why. My own insecurities made me do the things I did. I needed some validation from the opposite sex to feel beautiful; to feel wanted. And what better way to get that validation then from taking some guy away from his girlfriend??

This was successful at first when you didn't even have to use sex to get a guy. You know back in the days when looks alone could make him say damn, you're wayy "badder" than my current--- let me upgrade.

After that it has to be known that sex will be used to get a man.. Yeah you THINK this works until you realize that no matter how good your pussy is, he still probably wont leave his gf from you. WHY?!

Easy. He has the best of both worlds. Loving relationship with his boo & great sex from you. What ELSE could he want? I know! RIMS! & im sure your vagina isn't 22' or better.

I remember when I met 21; I was a sophomore in high school. Not really one to ask questions like "do you have a gf" because I was soo excited that he was older, had his own car, could pick me up when he wanted to, let me drive the whip, roll up with me.. etc. I mean if you have read my blog you pretty much know about me and 21. smh..

Initially I didn't know he had a gf but by the time I found at he had one I was too deep in it just to quit. This is how I became the other woman my default. So many lines I was fed. Main reason being that I was technically too young to be with him but when I turned 18 we'd make it "official". He wasn't with her anymore.. Only with her because she was pregnant.. etc. ALL the bull shit. Bad thing is she called my phone so many times and he always had to call & persuade me not to tell her. Even after our physical relationship ended and we were just friends.. He had to bribe me not to tell lol. If I wouldn't have opened up my big mouth about keying his car, his girl would have NEVER known that I was indeed the Brittney he was seeing-- Not some white girl @ SHSU. smh

I knew better. Should have just nipped it in the bud from the beginning but I was in it for good i guess. This caused drama to go OOOON & OOON for years even after I QUIT communicating with 21. Hell if were to write a blog about her today she'd be calling me tomorrow trying to start something even though she is no longer with him.

Sometimes you become the "other woman" by accident. Yes I have been this woman too. I know SHAME on me!! smh but its not entirely my fault. Okay so it was. Smh. It all started with this friend I had. We were so cool. I knew he had a girlfriend whom he talked about all the time and he knew I was doing whatever i was doing back then. We talked about everything. He was one of my closest guy friends. Of course with us sharing everything, sex came up and he too became sexually attracted to me. I had a crush on him too but I never crossed that line. I kept my feelings to myself because I knew that wasn't right. *sigh* flash forward to one drunken night & everything changed. We both became so drunk that innocent dancing turned into groping and grinding and next thing I know we're in his car making out. Man oh man.. that led to us going back to his room & having sex. Which then turned into us having sex again.. & again.. & again.. You get the picture?? I thought it was 'ok' because he & his gf were on a break..

But then that break was over I basically gave him the ultimatuum. "Dump her or no more sex with me" It came to that POINT. Of course this story is a tad bit different than most. You see he told me how he WISHED he knew me first-- he always had a crush on me.-- if things were different he'd be with me-- he wants to be with me but he still loves her & they've been together soo long. Yeah I heard all of those lines. Fell for em too. I was becoming too involved again.

In the end you'll be happy to know that I didn't have sex with him while he was with his gf anymore until way after they broke up. Even though he broke up with his girlfriend, i mean his girlfriend broke up with HIM smh he NOW wasn't really wanting to be in a relationship. Of course not!! He was in one for years! why would he jump into ANOTHER one. He can be free & do whatever. He thought that i'd be happy he was single. Nope. Still wasn't with me. SMH

I could write about this forever but then you wouldn't buy the book.. "The Other Woman" coming soon... a Personal memoir.. :) we haven't even touched on musical influences, media, ettc.. family matters. all those other contributors.

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