Sunday, December 13, 2009


I wish my skin was evenly toned. It irks me I have spots on my cheek, forehead and chin. I would never wear foundation if i didnt have those irky marks. Im always breaking out on my chin and forehead tho. smh.. i scrub my face soo hard until its red all over and i look like im sunburnt.. it never seems to be clean enough. you stupid white heads. and the skin products dont improve my skin.. just makes it worse.. ugh. curse you gabrielle union with your flawless evenly toned skin. and mother with your flawless skin.

I wish the gap between my two front teeth would go away again. I tried to get braces but i couldn't. Why? Because I'd end up with spaced out or stacked teeth for years and years all to close ONE gap that isn't even a MM wide. I know its there tho. It closed up for a good two yrs and just came back recently. wtf? I hate it. I really do.

I wish I could get rid of the stretch marks on my hip and ass. Reminds me that regardless of how skinny i get, those bitches will always be there. Its not my fault that Im juicy fruit. I dont know how i got them. they just popped up one day. I even considered getting tat'd over it. smh

I wish i could get rid of the fat around my belly. I wish I could control my eating and work out more. I wish I wish I wish.. I'll keep the ass and thighs and cellulite if only the tummy would go away. thats all..

I wish i didnt have to straighten out my kinky curls. I love my fro but i dont like how fat my face looks now so im straightening it out bc of my own insecurities. my fro is beautiful.. I love my coils. I just dont like that I look more chubby with my fro =[

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