Sunday, December 13, 2009

These Two are So Gay...

There's alot that I just dont understand at times. Two different guys.. both are proving that they are indeed sooo gay. ugh. FML

It's you; You always seem to come back at the oddest times. wtf is up with you?? ughh One minute you're like "i love you & i know you love me... Why don't you move in with me rent free?" & then i look at your facebook a couple of hours later and i see you're in "LOVE" with your girlfriend too. Hmmm i mean, feed me those lines boy. Ironically enough you changed your relationship status AFTER i said i didn't wanna shack up. Its cool tho. I will still be in LA with or without your free rent offer.

and then there is YOU. you know who. you complain about not being able to see me for soo long and when im finally within five miles of your residence, you want to pick a fight. you want to be a bitch. you want to be the ass that you are. Like wtf I look like going to the movies with you when I have to buy MY ticket, DRIVE myself there and back, pick out the movie.. I mean damn, why are you even there?? I can easily go to the movies by myself if im gonna have to pay and drive anyways. thats the ONLY reason why you were asked. i dont like driving.

Its just so annoying with you because the issue of money always seems to come up. I have never asked you for MONEY unlike other girls. Also unlike those other chicks, i refuse to buy you shit either. Maybe that is the problem. If you want me to pay for your company I might as well have one thats finer than you. Hell if ima pay, ima make it worthwhile...

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