Saturday, February 21, 2009

the bakery

I found my senior book... packed away in my freakin boxes from freshman yr. SMH
i almost shed a tear when i saw pics of 2 of my classmates that passed away shortly after graduation.. How things have changed. I know things happen for a reason and because of that im not goin thru those pages anytime soon. Anywho, I was supposed to start the short story.. but ichanged my mind. Life without cable is not working. I'm so getting it like ASAP. I'm so lost in space without it.

Oh my... wat have i been doin wit my life?? I still crush on bow wow aka Shad Gregory Moss. :)
Sue me. i subscribed to his youtube account [prince bowwow]. All i know is that he better watch my vids lol.
I'm scared of the dark. I have a nightlight. smh and i lost one contact.
soo i cant see..
i wrote a note bout my weight cuz im tired of ppl always using that one tidbit to try and break me down. Come harder.. Get deeper to hurt me. Clearly i dont mind being this size... I mean, my boobs are gettin huge:) And i still stop traffic when im only wearing a hoodie and baggy jeans. True beauty shines thru anything. So while you spend hours dressin up, i dress down & shut it down. Its all about confidence. I exude it. Or at least try to..Dont get me on my gizzydays. lol Locs & pastries. Lmao.

People who spend time focusing on me, my life, my daily activities, etc.. Hope i'm entertaining you. I wrote a status a few weeks ago bout VB bein the only source of knowledge for the masses... cached & bookmarked.SMH. I dont mind tho... Just makin lil bee famous. Literally.
Why am i still in beezyland??

oh yeah... so apparently im psycho says K, and A isn't mad at me... B still cares. E.. is drunk. lol

im tired.

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