Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The textual wrap up.

Sometimes I am such a stupid girl. I will walk 2 or so miles from my apartment to the Marta station (instead of catching the bus from the corner) and ride all the way to Lenox station just to go to the mall and visit the food court! This is SILLY. I know... but you know food court Chinese food is the best... ACTUALLY I think I may have to make a trip there myself soon... do I have ten dollars to spare?? LOL.
So today I think I saw Fonzworth Bentley walking on my campus... I really don’t know. Of course I had on my usual school day attire. Long jeans, purple Spelman hoodie, ugly turquoise and sprinkled pastry’s, dark shades and my vintage purple & grey backpack with the childish bicycle license plate on the back. SMH. It’s ridiculous how little I care... I should really consider actually getting dress for class like everyone else. Maybe then I won’t be so down. I’m actually in class now... had some MLA lab to attend... Of course I have Microsoft word up so I can pretend like I’m taking notes or something but really I’m blogging.

School is really meaningless to me right now. I want to be here but an online course would be sooo much better. Walking to class every morning is a killer. I started writing my novel last night. It’s not the “real” novel; just an account of my journey through love & life... unfortunately there is ONE star... and its not even me. Of course it is HIM. Ugh... I actually wrote a pretty decent blog about him yesterday but my wireless was fucking up and it didn’t save the right draft so now im stuck without any of my edits or insightfulness. Its titled Unfinished Business. I think that will be the title of the chapter about him I suppose. At least the end. I’m pretty sure there is another novel titled that.. I just feel like we never quite ended things verbally EVER. Everything was pretty much understood which is why we had sooo many problems. Everybody LOVED to try and label whatever me and him had going on as something more or less than it was. I mean we knew what it was.. Just because I didn’t broadcast it like everyone else doesn’t mean that it was nothing. And trust there were many times that he LIED on me.. There were many times that I knew about the stories he told the guys in the locker room. I mean I had my cousins come and tell me EVERYTHING. I knew that he’d be like “Yeah guess who I had over last night…. Brittney Booker. She did THIS… & oh yeah she did THAT too…” Unfortunately for him, the VERY day I’d have Jacolby call or text me sayin I know what you did last night.. And I’d be clueless to what he was saying because clearly the night before Brittney was in bed alone. Hadn’t talked to the young one is weeks perhaps.. just saw him around school. Funny how even though he loved to brag on our sex life.. we weren’t even having one. Hahahahahaha. Funny guy. Please check back by the end of the week for the textual updates :)

So yeah, I finally emailed Teri the chat mess between me & james. SMH. Funny how he lied and is trying to make me look like I’m just making shit up. Whatever. I don’t need Huntsville friends at all and I surely don’t need for anyone from SHSU to text me.. damn skippy. So whatever. A liar IS a liar. And you know I never forgive..

Right now I’m not in a good mood at all. I’m still a bit lethargic from last week. I have horrible cramps. I just walked all the way to the MALL (aka West End Mall) just for some damn Kleenex and a brush & a new comb. I lost the other one. Argh. I didn’t even lose it.. I think mea has it.. but I just got a new one.. and a hair wrap. Wooop wooop! I text’d K today.. well this morning actually.. was just telling him how I think we should talk or something. Yeah I know, such a stupid one. I just wanted to see what he’d say… Sooooo of course he replies and says he’ll come over after class.. haha right. I doubt that.. I told him it wasn’t a sexual thing.. I just needed to get some shit off my chest. & then I told him we couldn’t have sex anyway cuz the auntie came to visit. Ha. No response since 7ish.. Anywho that’s the update for today.. my back is KILLING me. Ughhh… and I’m in dire pain. Im not broadcasting this stupid blog anymore. Everyone in America thinks they have the right to have a blog nowadays. Brittadiva07 was my diaryland account name, check me out there. Blogging since 2003 when it was just called an online diary lol .. and don’t forget the myspace blog that’s been in effect since… 2005?? Myspace.com/missbritta07 and the super loserish tripod account http://missdivatx.tripod.com. I think I hid the old blog.. oh but trust I’m bringin it back up hahahahaha.. :)


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