Friday, February 20, 2009

word vomit

ughhhh. my stomach is in knots.
my head is aching beyond belief.. this little fattie hasn't eaten all day. haha.
I say fattie because everyone calls me that.. anywho.
i dont see me as being fat, just bigger than others- which i like.
NO one knows my strength or the damage that I can do just by being BIGGER than you!!
lol, i mean, i did push over a vending machine with my ass. AND pushed a car with 2 ppl inside while it was raining one night by myself. I'm just a beast :)

So This is FAT?! I mean.. Maybe thick.. but not fat. And no honey.. this is a LACE dress which means unlike some I dont need to wear any undergarments for SUPPORT lol. Maybe its when I wear jeans or something?? hmmm..

Okay so here's me in jeans.. straight on. Wide hips? I mean this was over break.. I did gain some LBs.. I think i look fine as fuck though. lol. Maybe I just feel myself a bit tooo much at times. But if this is fat... idk. I like my hips and thighs. Maybe when i wear jeans i look "bigger"?? Idk.. Clearly I look in the mirror.. and I see something totally different.

I really could careless if a guy or gal calls me fat. lol. I love food. I eat whatever I want. I never worry about my weight. I've never had abs a DAY in my life. Even when I was 104lbs i had a bitty pudgelle. Thats just ME. I had ass too. Always will have Ass. So now 50lbs later.. Yes I weight 150 something! I don't mind putting my weight out there, people love to call me fat. LOL. I look wayy better than some people who clearly weight 20-30lbs less than me. Dudes never complain.

i don't have boobs. At least not that much.. B cup and proud. Hmm.. i really just wrote alot about myself. I love me. I think everyone should love themselves. Even when I look BUSTED like when i first got out the pool in this pic, i still be rockin that thang :) True I have a chubby face.. True I weight 155-158lbs. . So call me fat ALL you want. I wear that title proudly.
But of course people LOVE to comment on my weight..

My whole reason for writing was because I could CARELESS about what a bitch has to say about my body. I LOVE it. I embrace my curves.. you disagree?? Well break this screen and eat the glass chips from it.

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