Monday, February 23, 2009


An ode to the myself..

I shall continue to be a free thinker. My words and thoughts will never be limited my society, nor shall I censor anything for the fear of hurting others.:)

I believe most people are too sensitive.. If you don't like what I say, don't read VB~ don't email me.. call me.. or anything. Just ignore me.. And really, its just words.. s

So yeah, he definitely called me disturbed again. Ugh.. Hate that I care sooooo much about the guy.. i hope i don't really like him & this is just me being bored and wanting to like anyone.. I mean he's cute. I'm a sucker for accents.. but other than that... what else is there??

Um, Girl Rule is still in effect?! I shall write about the things you should NEVER do. hehehe
like.. NEVER Date your friends ex or a guy she used to "talk" to regardless of how serious or not so serious they got..

My contacts are finally in.. and they’re only $15 a box this time!!! I sooo love paying for this vision insurance.. $10 exams.. free eye medicine if needed like drops and such AND I get two whole boxes free.. Then I get a hefty discounted price of more than 50% on every box thereafter.. Love it. I shall go get them tomorrow I guess.. maybe take marta.. I need money though

my eyes are achy.. i shall be makin this trip back to CB.. maybe i'll swing by and visit Tay.. Yes I met a local. And he's super cute. Umm GF?! idk.. ughhh.. that would be dreadful.


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