Thursday, February 19, 2009

Purple Title Wave

Get it?? Title wave.. ok nvm, it sounded way cooler in my head before i wrote it.
Anywho, last weekend was by far one of the most interesting valentine's day i have EVER had. Instead of moping around feeling all remorseful because some LAME guy "lmao" didn't want me to be his valentine or that i was single on the national day for single awareness (thanks 2 my fbook buddies for that one), I went out with my Gal Pal :):) One of our FAVORITE places to go eat?? Of course Hooter's!!! Woot woot!!! The most unromantic place to be out of the site of lover's, or so we thought.. For one, the weather turned cold & me and megan thought we'd look cute in next to nothing. I mean, single ladies have to look sexy right?? Yeah.. try the parking attendant guy hittin on us (could've got free parking hmmm...), a cab driver pulls over to try and "holla" in a mini van, and then we had to trek up the freaking hill in our SM boots.. NOT a good look. Plus it was this big NCA cheer comp thingy going on soo we were surrounded by cheerleaders and parents.. smh. So standing in line waiting for a table i realize that not namy people know about manners.. I purposely stood in front of people so they were forced to murmur excuse me's instead of pushing past me lol. AND i looked like a freaking GIANT. Especially next to Megan.. I was easily 5'11" that night.. 6' even since i'm only 5'6ish really..
So we finally get our table and instantaneously ordered our food.. HOT wings, cheese sticks & cheesey curly fries. FAtties!!! lmao..

So our hooter girl was sooo sweet and adorable. Racine!!! You Go Racine!!! We left NICE tips for her.. usually i only leave a buck regardless of my bill because the service is horrible at most places. She better work for her tips. And she was a cutie soo yeah.. Anywho, across from us was this oober annoying guy who kept looking our way.. seated with 3 older ladies.. one with a BAD wig. then at the bar we notice super cool (not) cat eyeing us.. yuck. Soon he was joined by a MUCH older gentleman.. ugh. Instantaneously my heart fell.. I knew what was gonna happen next.. So i look over to Megan and im like ok don't look.. but why are they staring?? LOL.. 28 & 48 easily.. TOO OLD. So super cool cat comes over and starts rappin to meg like blah blah blah.. dot dot DOT. the ushje.. and we find out he's 27. *ONLY ONE YEAR OFF, SCORE FOR BEE* So then he leaves.. and OH NO. Oldie comes. at this point the WHOLE restaurant is looking at me.. and when i'm embarrassed or nervous i laugh hysterically... NOT a good idea.. So i'm like omg.. how old are you,.. 47!? Yikes!!.. I'm like dude you're old.. my mom is only 41.. lol.. How did i know he was old.. He invited me out to go DANCING?! The oldest line in the book of pick ups!!! Then after being dissed he gave me a fist bump like barack gives michelle. whoa. slow down daddy...

so we leave hooter's.. & head to purdue. guy offers me 10 for a lap dance. im broke.. but no thanks. then we went to the frat guys house.. hahaha.. played flip cup.. i am a beast. AND some other drinking card games. Guys think they're so smart.. trying to inebriate girls to get them in bed.. but not I. Unlike most people when i drink i become COMPLETELY on guard.. and i'm analyzing everything and everybody.. So as he's trying to get closer i'm becoming more and more on top of my game.. MORE and more bitchy.. more BEEzy really. LOL.

When will they learn that Single is not synonymous with desperate?! I don't need a man to make me happy, i'm happy on my own. and thats why alot of relationships fail.. people are not content with themselves and being with "ME", so they need a he or she to feel complete. Not I.. Its one deep until someone worth calling instead of texting comes along.. Yeah thats how you know you like someone.. you rather call than text.. lol

Anywho, I'm gonna start a new "dating" section on here where I talk about my relationship dramz & boy dramz and all that.. Look for the love/war or singular functions label!!!

oh yeah.. this is my LIFE. If you are offended or upset about anything I write that's YOU. If i say it, its the truth. NOthing false about ANYTHING i've ever written.. cuz like I say.. my word is all i got. So.. please don't call me or text me or message me with nonsense. You said it. I said it. MOVE on. I don't like you/we're not friends on fbook or real life/dont have ur number/never talked to you EVER---- You don't know me. All you know is what somebody who probably didn't like me has told you or what you have read on here.. SOOOOOOO... jump off a rooftop & build a bridge to nowhere.


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