Monday, February 9, 2009

Teeny Bopper @ Heart

I've decided to take a mini vacation away from many things that bother me...
Since Saturday, i've been on campus with Jam & Meg. We started off the night not knowing WHAT in the hell we were going to do.. soooo Meg made a connect & we were off to some house party somewhere in the streets of Atlanta.. All i know is that its always good to let loose in your OWN way. We left MJ around 1230ish and didn't get back til 7am :)
Fun times. Cj got us Mcdonald's.. early in the morning. yummy..
then i slept for sooo long.
for some odd reason K called my phone @ 11am & left a 4-5min long vmail..
umm yeah, held a conversation with a girl in the background..
Hilarity. Fuckery at its best.
Why must these walls come tumbling down again? Obviously we built this separation for a reason. Maybe the best is to cut all ties completely.. but then it would make me seem bitter which i'm not.. I wish him JOY & HAPPINESS.. but above all this, i wish him LOVE.
That's all you can do. Wish them well and move on.
I'm not going back to my teen days and be all upset and bust windows key my initials and all that hooplah.
So yeah, I'm done with bitterness & fuckery.

B calls me baby. Gahhh.. We're so engaged now. LOL. I really want to plan my wedding.. or just a wedding in general. I want to be apart of one actually. I love weddings. thats all.
Meeting with my T in the morning and then i'm off to see the D lady.

oh today i watched the grammy's. main reason i came to campus cuz i dont have cable. MIA-- crazy, who performs on there due date.. Justin is awesome (duh).. coldplay- nice jackets. Al Green :):) JONAS Brothers!!!!!!! AHHH!! Teeny bopper in me sreamed :) Nick shares my bday.. Joe is cutie :):) Kevin has nice curls.. love them.

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