Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy (Boyfriendless) Day!!!

I woke this morning, took my meds & felt sickly (as usual).
Such a wreck~ emotionally! So what was my valentine's day gift?? Some guy, Mr. Wilson saying that he loves me.. Whoa. That took me.. eh speechless. Like what am I supposed to respond to such a thing.. Not like a guy's never told me that but.. I wasn't expecting him to say it of all people.. ughhh... WTH is going on in Bee's World?! You would wait until two years later to say some ish like this.. when i've moved on and on and on...

Of course after he shocks the life outta me, he pisses me off. Says i'm selfish.. Think everything is about ME. Hello!!!! It is.. lol. But i'm not selfish.. So he doesn't know me at all.. Thinks he loves who I used to be..

So I was THIS close to coming to Houston to visit a certain someone.. but i changed my mind. I almost did it. haahaha.. love that kiddo though.

I'm slowly deleting people from my facebook.. I like deleting things. Why are we "friends" when we aren't even cordial.. If we didn't grow up together, were cool in high school, or we attend the same school now.. WHY are we friends on fbook?? Unless you're just a cute guy then.. its pointless. i rarely accept girls.. and guys for that matter.. smh.

Why do people love to ask "Do you have a problem with em? 'Cuz [random messy person] said you didn't like me.." Like, why would you care.. Not like we were actually friends. I get those alot.. So childish. But had to let one person know that i really didn't like her.. I don't know her.. I only like people who i'm cordial with.. friendly with.. friends. If you're a stranger I don't like you.. the END. so yeah.. its safe to say that i don't like alot of people.. You have to form some sort of bond to have feelings or deep emotions towards another human being. I don't hate anyone though so there :)

Chocolate covered strawberries equal yumness. Hooter's is coming soon.. :) Still perplexed by the overwhelming abundance of emotions in my inbox.. you'll be glad to know that I am not dealing with anything beyond hi & bye until monday.

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