Friday, July 31, 2009

Bald & Beautiful

Since i've been working at the BGC, alot of peopel have asked me the big question: "WHY...?" You know the why dont you get a perm? Why dont you get weave? Why did you cut it? Why wont you do this.. that? You know THOSE questions.. and sometimes I just wanna say FUCK it. I'm tired of giving an explanation as for WHY i chose to do something to MYSELF that at the time just seemed to be a natural step. I didn't think about it. I just did it. I act on impulse. I mean I have reasoning behind it but I'm not trying to be SOMETHING.

I feel Solange soo much. She just cut her damn hair off because she FELT like it. Its JUST hair. If you shave/cut it you're trying to be like Cassie.. or Rihanna. Or Amber Rose. Personally I could care less about hair. I'm tired of wasting SO much money going to get my hair relaxed or pressed & curled when I could have been a wash-n-go girl like i am now. Solo Do you girl. Rock your baldness. Embrace your beauty. blahhh.
Oh & dnt get it twisted i LOVE Rihanna. this bitch is just too effin hot. & Amber Rose. You can't hate on her. gotta love it.

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