Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ms. Type

Took a Quiz and got some answers.. idk. Whatever. enjoy

Ms. Second Place allows herself to be put in second place to everything else in her man's life. She may be second to his wife, his career, or his friends. She isn't a priority, she knows it, and she lives with it. She has forgotten what a special person she is, so she thinks she has to settle for second, when she deserves first place.

Ms. Sex Machine settles for physical and sexual intimacy when what she really wants is a relationship and emotional intimacy. She uses sex as a weapon to manipulate men and get what she wants (except a relationship!). She thinks she has to give away her most prized possession to buy a man's love and attention, when all she needs to do is allow her great personality to shine, and men will want to know more.

Ms. Soul Mate believes that life doesn't exist outside of dating so she wants every man she dates to be "the one." She doesn't know how to just enjoy dating a man while it lasts, and admit when there isn't a future for the relationship. One day she will find "the one." She just needs to take her time and wait for a man who is deserving of her love and commitment.

Ms. Bag Lady carries around a load of emotional "baggage" and she lets her old emotions adversely affect her new relationships. She let's her unresolved problems from the past ruin her present and future. Because she's been treated so poorly, she doesn't realize how wonderful and deserving of love she truly is.

Ms. Independent has been burned in love before so she won't let anyone get close to her for fear of getting hurt again. She would rather be alone than risk rejection. When she realizes that letting her guard down doesn't mean being taken advantage of, she can allow her inner light to shine, and men will flock to it.

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