Tuesday, July 14, 2009

.... Untitled?

I realized that my father is just a lover of long hair & really hates that I cut all this shit off. I can't please everyone with my hair.. And if you know, you would have figured out by now that I am a big rebellious bitch who does thing just because people say I should not or won't look good with it.

The initial cut came after everyone said I wouldn't look right with a short cut. Boo. I can pull anything off. I did it & i looked fab. Next stop was just to let it grow out.. it grew quite quickly. Had to get it cut and shaved in January.. No perm since nov. Sooo eventually my hair got to a point where my flat iron wasn't doing shit but pressin my curls down. So now I rock my fro.

My Hair is very weird. My edges are really smooth & soft.. Not nappy like my new growth used to be.. but now that i think about it, my edges were never rough when I had relaxers. Its the middle thats the most coiled & hard to manage. I have sooo many corkscrew curlers back there. ridiculoso. And the front and sides are just wavy. Can't wait until I get more length. No worries the cam will be up and working by friday. NEW pics!!!

Plus the buddy wants to see new pics of me :) Yess I'm still crushing. Ahhh If I was a cuddler, he would be my cuddle buddy.

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GL0 said...

aww.. thats wassup girl.. u ROCK the hell outta that fro then! u betta work! haha