Friday, July 31, 2009


you wanna know what i hate?

when dark skin girls proclaim that they are treated worse than Light skin girls with long hair to the point where they began to hate on every chick who is lighter and has hair that is past her shoulders.

Dear Dark skin girls: quit blaming light skin ppl for your own insecurities. just because lil wayne likes em long hair thick & redbone doesn't mean you have to hate on everyone who fits that criteria.

im sorry.. i just get mad at girls who claim that all light skin girls have an advantage over darker skin chicks..cuz we all know unattractiveness comes in ALL shades.

Its not that serious. If you think its unfair that you're dark, you have deeper insecurities than you know about.

You mad cuz you're bald? Buy some hair..

You wanna be lighter? Bleach your skin..

You mad cuz you not thick enough? Get you sum ass implants..

lol.. do it all. You better listen to Unpretty by TLC & shut the hell up. I do not want to hear the same sob story that "guys/celebrities prefer the exotic or lighter skinned girls with long hair.." so you're left out. poooey.

Shit is old. played out. i dont care.

guys are attracted to me.. and i'm a brown skinned girl with a tiny afro.

its not because you're dark.. its because you're ugly.


Anonymous said...

You are such a moron.

Bee Michelle said...

Thanks. I love being moronic. smh

no need to be anonymous though; not like I care.