Friday, July 31, 2009

ice cream sundae

I've became celibate without even trying. Not like i'm craving anything now. I knew everything would be possible if i just TRIED. It feels good to know that I can follow my own rules. Im not against cuddling anymore. It can be very good at times to have that little bit of intimacy without having to go ALL the way.. or even to third base. Just enjoying that embrace.. Yeah thats nice.

I dont really have a crush right now.. Hmm. Interesting. But of course I do talk to my guys. Ahhh I think I should have more GAL pals now. Genuine girls tho, not these [beeeeeeep]s from the past.
Oh yeah, i work for the BGC of Walker County. I normally do arts & crafts. Dodgeball ONLY when some lil kid pisses me off. I LOVE hitting a child in the head. Makes me feel giddy inside ;)

I'm so creative. I gave my kids a project. We made Ice cream sundaes & popcorn out of construction paper :)

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