Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sober Slumber Part One

Today I was bored. I woke up feeling rather odd & almost believed that I had died in my sleep. That sensation only lasted a minute. Eyes still closed I fumbled through my pillows until I found my sleeping baby. My cell. Quickly looked at it to see who had tried to contact me during my slumber. No one. Rubbed my eye & peeled away the remnants of sleep that still remained. Stumbled out of bed and made my way to the kitchen. Nobody was home.. but me. Called mother to find out where my family was. Maybe I was dead. Maybe death is just YOU bein in the world alone?? Luckily she answered. I Knew I wasn't dead. Whew. Mother told me that my family all spent the night away from home. Only I was there. What do I do? Watch a movie? No..

Nothing is on that I want to see. Decided to clean. Those dishes have been in the sink since yesterday evening. The lazy fuckers who live here refused to clean up. Ten blue cups layed stacked on top of each other. A black pot that still had dried up grits inside. Ew. I hate dirty dishes. So many blue bowls were there too. I was utterly astonished at how there are no kids in this house yet its disgusting. Ahh.. So I buckled down and washed ALL the dishes. Even those I didn't dirty up. Only for my mother. She shouldn't have to come home and clean up after a house full of grown fuckers. Of course I was awarded for my cleaning up. Mother says Im the only one who helps her. I didn't do it for the awardment later. I just got tired of having a dirty kitchen.

Mother informed me that Aunt Janie is hosting a candle party later on this evening. I felt like getting pretty for it. My first time going to Houston in a few weeks. I pulled out the white dress I altered. It once was a past the knee joint I wore for orientation during the white dress ceremony. I cut and sewed it into a cute mini dress. I added a black belt of course. Black is my favorite color. I washed my hair and fixed my frohawk. I only have two products in it right now. Gel. Old school gel. The type thats brown/black and wet.. And my trusting curl moisturizer that has a faint after smell. Now it is gone. Whew. While dressing, guy friend texted. He got drunk the night before. I wonder why he abruptly stopped the texting. I realize that I haven't had alcohol since May. Am I trying to stop drinking??

After I got dressed, I ate some left over tacos. I always feel like I'm Mexican when I eat their cuisine. The cup of kool-aid made me feel black again. Once my meal was finished I began to twitter. Interesting conversations commenced. I always wonder things & state my inquiries via the web. One stood out. Sex. Of course thats me. My followers hate me because I flood the walls. Sorry people. Unfollow me if you don't it. I only want to know why oral sex isn't considered real sex. You can get STDs from Oral. I think I've written too much. This is just a recollection of my morning.. & the start of my day.

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