Thursday, July 16, 2009


Hello, My name is Bee and I am not a mixed girl. I do not have "good" hair. I have FABULOUS hair. I am no vegan, peta supporting, incense burning, pro-Black, hippie retro mama but I did decide that NO more relaxing was the way to go.

It really pisses me off when I hear the term good hair. What is good hair? Mixed girl hair? White girl hair? Relaxed hair? Store bought hair? Please let me no. For the longest I always considered My hair my crown & glory. It was what set me apart from other black girls.. Unlike them, I had a pony tail that swung when i walked. I had hair that MOVED. All of the silly things I thought made me better than everyone else really set me BEHIND.

Now I'm natural. What is natural hair? Natural hair means that your hair has not been chemically altered aka no perm,relaxer.. chemical fire cream crack.. lol whatever. Me. I'm proud to say that i have NO permed/relaxed hair left in my head. Its ALLLL me. My God Given locks of glory :)
Yes! This is all me :) This isn't my hair styled. Just what happens after I co-wash and air dry (only 3hrs inside.. 1hr out) If i pick it out its a tad bit bigger. Paul Mitchell's skinny serum is AWESOME. No frizzie puff. Its actually quite lustrous looking. Oh and guess what?! I cant wait until i get to wear my big fro. Its absolutely FAB!!! New pics tomorrow of it styled and what not.. the infamous FRO-hawk and Fro-dette. :)

No worries. I'm not against relaxers. & I will have a weave soon.. Only because I wanna see how i'll look with big poufy weave before my hair grows out :) Yay Bee!


J-Will said...

you go to Spelman you're only one really drunk night away from being a "vegan, peta supporting, incense burning, pro-Black, hippie retro mama"

When I stop writing about Russian nonsense I wanna get up on a blog with you.

GL0 said...

LOL! Girl u crack me up.. and i so agree with you about the term "good hair" its very trite and wayyy overused.. its getting to the point of ignorant-sounding when i hear someone use it.. but thats the way it is i guess.. some things will never change.. way to step outside the box & try something new tho :)