Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I'm not a big fan of cuddling. I kind of hate it. I have to really like you to do it. I've had bad experiences with cuddling. One time this guy fell asleep whilst we were cuddling. Ask me why he drooled on my chest. ew.. MY BARE chest!! eeeeeek!!! I dont like drool on me. & then he just wiped it off and it just smeared and he said my bad.. Um gross. Yeah so I never cuddled with him again.

Another time I was in bed. My bed. I rolled over in my sleep and he punched me in my nose!! Ouch. Yeah. Never again I said I was gonna cuddle with him.

But I must admit sometimes I do enjoy cuddling with a guy.. Other times I need my space. Its sooo hot & body heat makes things even worse. I just like to be by myself. My own space. Chillen by myself.. Unfortunately some guys want to cuddle.

The next guy I cuddle with I'll tell him I love him. Lol. It gets that serious.

I haven't had any contact with the opposite sex in quite some time. I'm kind of liking this. My buds have texted & tweeted & fbook'ed quite alot tho.

Thats pretty much it. Sorry if you were expecting something else. Just a cuddling story.

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GL0 said...

Lol, i actually LOVE cuddling! i'd take cuddling over sex 9 outta 10 times.. haha, but thats just me.. idk.. something tantric about the energy being shared when two bodies press against each other.. its quite powerful.. ima weirdo like that tho :P