Friday, July 31, 2009

Ew. Hell no.

I've been outta the loop. really thought of what to write & what i'd title this but u know.. things change. i took nudies of myself. feel like releasing them to up my celebrity status that i dnt have, you know thats all us women want these days.

i keep attracting dumb ass dudes. which is a MAJOR turn off. ppl say im too hard on guys which may be true.. and at times i do come off KIAish.. ( but thats just how i am. mmkay so lemme tell u bout THIS nigga. & i say nigga cuz of the foolery he has spewed out. mmkay.

so last night we were outside conversing & he was really boring me so when the conversation goes dry, i try to spice it up by asking simple questions just to see where his head is at. the question was something along the lines of: "do you ever look up at the sky and wonder.. how big is space? how much "space" does space actually fill up? Does it ever end.." his response.

"Thats not my swag. I don't believe in fairy tales and dreams.."

now you know he got serious side eye action & a WOW.. ok. which means "ur such an idiot in bee liguistics. Who in the fuck doesn't believe in dreams?? And asking a simple question about the WORLD is categorized as REAL life. Have u never wondered why the sky is blue? My students (5&6) have more intriguing and stimulating conversations than HE SMH. Oh yeah, thats HIM. As you can see he has no real "swag" (i loathe that word.. i rather say personality & style) ok so he has no personality or style. soo wtf?! i mean, he was never my type to begin with.. wannabe goon & such but u know me, always giving ppl the chance to prove how stupid they are. all i need is 10mins & i know how you are. You see my face? yeah thats the face i give questionable persons. Maybe you know him.. Hahaha. call me paparazzi Bee. :)
The moral to this SAD story is.. Intelligence is the key to my heart :)

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