Sunday, July 19, 2009

Grown UP ish.. smh

I have a weave. I just wanted to see how my hair would look long & wavy. I like it. Easy to manage now.. The fro takes work. No, this doesn't mean that I'm not gonna rock my Frolicious anymore!! I love her. She is still there.. Under there. Waiting to be released :) Everyone knows i get really bored EASILY. I just like 2 switch things up a bit. So look at my round head. My wet n wavy weave. Enjoy. :)

Anywho, I'm in a weird state of mind. I'm frustrated of course. The last time i woohoo'd was.... EXACTLY.

I mean.. I have no one right now. Not even a buddy. I like the no woo hoo aspect but then again I still need a buddy. Not like a buddy buddy but a new team of guy friends ;) Like I really don't know why i can't just settle for less. Woops. Thats what I get for THINKING. & having standards.

The only guy that I kind of liked this summer has a girlfriend. The other guy is entirely a sour puss. Okay not really a sour puss but just too freakin goody goody for me. Like he is the exact opposite of me. I'm too much of a free spirit for him I suppose. Plus they all think im crazy..

It all hit the fan last night when I saw this guy i graduated with. He made sure to flash me his engagement ring & show me his 9 month old son. I really feel like the whole world is moving forward and i'm still ME. I haven't changed. That's why I change my hair so much. I want to grow too. I'm forcing a change on myself. I don't want to be the same old Bee. I want to be a grown up too =/

The whole plan is screwed up. I had it set. Graduate in 2011. Married in 2013. Kids by 2017. I've pretty much planned my wedding. I know where we're going to stay. I have looked at real estate. I had a plan. That plan just isn't gonna work. Ahh. It sucks but.. I'll make it work i suppose.

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GL0 said...

definitely a good look on u..

sorrry about ur situation.. everything happens for a reason, and in the long run, u will be glad it did :)