Monday, January 26, 2009

1,000 Miles Away Part ONE.

Damn, Do i have to go thru it all ONE by ONE?
Frank, my dear Frank why do i wake up in the morning and got my phone ringing off the hook because of something on Facebook. Damn, can't even go to class before people want to start at it.
Of course everytime people need to talk SHIT about me, they always bring up some shit about High School & how I was sooo dumb and how this nigga talked so bad about me. True enough, we not in high school anymore and I guarantee shit that happened when I was 16 aint happening now sooo PLEASE put it out there what the fuck MICHAEL said about me!!! lol
(FYI it wasn't cooler ranch; it was Nacho Cheese flavored.. since you want to RUN your mouth.. get the story completely correct first.)

So please tell me ALL of my business!! Because obviously you don't know anything past the year 2006 if all you can mention is that young man. I shouldn't have even put his name in here because He's not IN this nonsense. Its silly. Its 2009 and you do not know the number of guys I've slept with. The names of those guys I slept with. Who my last anything was simply because its not broadcast out for the general public to view. Trust if they want to know, they can find out easily I suppose. There is nothing that you can bring up that I would be embarrassed about. I did it?? Damn, i did OH WELL. So once again, can you please air out all of my dirty laundry.

I'm jealous because somebody gets "it" more than me?? Are we talking about sex?? Now why in the world would i be mad that another female is getting wayyy more dick than I am?? That's what you're saying right, that Teri Matchett fucks more than Brittney?? Hell I do not know nor do I care so if she is getting more dick. Let that bitch fuck as many dudes as she want.

And about me living BICARIOUSLY through the internet. For one, the word is VICARIOUSLY.. and I do not live my life vicariously through the internet. I mean, All of my homework is submitted through WebCT on the internet & I have my schedule online.. & we pay our tuition online.. You know what, you're right.. I DO live through the internet!! But not because I want to; only because in the world we live in today EVERYTHING is on the internet. News, Weather, TV, etc.. Unfortunately there is nothing false about me online.. My name is Brittney, Spelman College class of 2011. From Texas. Matriculating in Atlanta, Georgia. I've never tried to live a DOUBLE life. lol so Please watch what you're saying. And if you're not, at least make sure its correct.. But by all Means CONTINUE.

Unlike you and others who may boast and brag about the number of friends you have that you actually "know";I delete people daily.. Pride myself on having a small group of people that i actually know vs lets say everyone who goes to my school. Just because you see somebody and they say HEY does NOT make them your "friend". Trust, everybody who writes on my wall minus those annoying party promoters, I've actually met. I hang out with them. I know them. If I didn't, why would they write on my wall.. So please click on all of their names and ask them if they really "know" me. Why would someone pretend to have friends??

And like Teri said; I've lost sooooo many friends in the last "five" years.. So why would having them matter so much and why would I lie? lol Anywho, I never said anyone was jealous of me but yall saying it enough that it must be true. You all continuously get on here and talk slick about people but aint nobody sayin shit to anyone's face. I don't want anybody to be jealous of me.. Jealous about what?! That I don't live with my parents and I have to pay bills?? That my tuition is $30,000 a year.. and after the little government money I still gotta pay 15,000 outta pocket?? But I'm broke and struggling... HELL yes I am!! I'm a college student! Thats how it is. As soon as I get MONEY I spend it.

Speaking of which, I heard I couldn't find a ride back to Atlanta... Well the true story is my daddy was going to take Atlanta the weekend before school started but at the last minute he said he couldn't.. That meant I had to book a flight or catch greyhound. I said HELL no to greyhound of course and decided that flying was the only option. Idk if you read that in a blog or heard somebody else saying it but I really wanted someone to drive me back so I could shop for my apartment. You know being HOMELESS and all I need to have the best looking box out there. Ha.ha. So I was not stuck in Huntsville for WEEKS, just a week.. actually only 3 days longer than I was supposed to be In Huntsville. And you can blame US Airways, Delta AND Continental for that.

NO no, this is not a TALK trash note this is a "rebuttal". But beware inbetween my assignments the "verbal abuse" will continue I suppose. Cause TRUST I'm letting it all out ONE by ONE. ~

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