Monday, January 19, 2009

9 oz steak

I'm finally in my new apartment. Its very nice yet quite empty... lol.
Waiting on my furniture to get here.. and so i can decorate with mother & father's money :):) I have a rather large room.. walk in closet & my own bathroom (lovely). I'm upstairs while my friends' room in downstairs so of course we have our own privacy.. Too bad its still in the hood. smh. Anywho, K came over yesterday. Fun.
Meg & Jam spent the night.. how fun was it to sleep on the damn floor hahaha. Then last night we went to Outback Steakhouse. Yum. AND then we played Clue. I won. It was Green in the Theatre with a Trophy. :)
Today we're going shopping for the things Jam wrote on the list.. You need sooo freakin much with a new apartment. Ugh.
Groceries?? Yes.. need that.. Cooking utensils & eatery... need em.
Cleaning products? Oh hell yes.
but yeah, its cool.
a tad bit lonely..
train is LOUD as hell but hey we'll manage.
OH yeah,
Happy MLK DAY!!!!

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