Thursday, January 29, 2009


Over the past couple of days I have encountered the most intriguing blogs. I am super jealous. I feel that I have not been performing up to the blogging standards set by the phenom bloggers out there today. Vividly Bland needs to be revamped and given a serious makeover.

There is one problem: I don't know where vividly bland is headed!! Initially I set up the blog as a way to let my creative juices flow and somehow get started on the as yet untitled and hardly thought of premiere novel by yours truly. Then it turned into me just talking about my day... which nobody wants to hear which is why I started calling it vividly bland. That is the most unique thing about this blog. At first it was called theycallmebeezy which I think is the lamest name EVER- but it was an era. I never even gave an explanation for the name VIVIDLY BLAND.

My about me sections ends by saying something corny like "vividly bland is more than just words... its my life". I guess that was like the catch phrase I heard in my head. Vivid & Bland are two words which may not neccessarily be polar opposites but they don't really mix well together at all. The VIVID part of my life comes from the outside world looking in. A stranger looking through my pictures may be fooled into thinking that I am just the life of the party- lots of friends, always partying, crazy wild antics on a friday night, alcoholic, fun loving Bitch. You know, living it up in Atlanta. Spelmanite. This is all just an illusion I think. Your whole being is merely a facade. Pictures are only worth a thousand words but your life is wayy more than that. No one is who they appear to me. So even if my life seems so bright and vivid to others, I feel that its tasteless- bland. Pedestrian at best. I'm just an averagely weird girl who constantly contradicts herself and tries to understand why LIFE is one big Oxymoron.


Vic said...

That's tight, I never really got why it was called that.

Brittney Michelle said...

Thanks.. Everyone kept asking me what it meant and I was thinking it was obvious but thats how you think when you create something I suppose, lol