Monday, January 26, 2009

1,000 Miles Away Part TWO

Why is all of this drama happening over stupid shit. LOL
YOU wrote the note.. Its full of falsehoods. But then again I know why nobody is my "friend".. Hell I outgrow people.

So I'm told that I shouldn't write all of this on here.. I should put it on facebook.. No, this is for a class obviously.. My english professor told me that I should have a blog. I mean, I AM an English major. We write. We blog. Its nothing. I mean if I was hiding ANYTHING why would I even post the link on my facebook?? Lol But anywho, On to the TRUE writing daily assessment.

So Today was crazy!! I had to have the "sex talk" with my little sister.. oh GOSH. I'm too young for this.. I think its better for your older sibling to talk to you rather than your parents because I know when I was that age I didn't wanna hear ANYTHING my parents had to tell me. I was old enough to make my OWN decisions.. but hey, you live and you learn..

So I had a little 'tiff' with that guy. Yeahh.. Its time to just throw that ish out the bag.. We argue too damn much about simple things. Like why I don't wanna get him no juice and being nosey going thru his facebook. Ha. Ha. Ha. so me and that lame shall just be friends I guess. Okay not even that. Sometimes you just get tired of being stagnant.. No progression is not the way to go..

Anywho, I really shouldn't even be online right now.. I should be taking my homeless ass to a shelter. Damn, i forgot.. I'm sittin up in my OWN room, in my OWN apartment where I run shit. LOL.. i'm not staying with my mother.. i'm on my own. Grown as hell but oh do I wish I could just move it right along and GO back to living with my parents. Shit, I gotta cook and clean for myself. Kids have it all..

i need to talk to B so he can calm me down... you know he is the only sane person i know.. he can make me not feel sooooo freakin mellow. better than weed. too bad i don't smoke anymore... gah..

but truth be told.. I held back. there was sooo much i could've said. There was soo much put out there.. I'm lying bout you fucking Thomas, Dickson, & Harold?? I could have posted the numerous conversations that people have sent to me about you.. I could have said shit bout how you lost your job-- the true reason behind it. I could have told them how my kinfolk really did you ALLLLLLLL those times but i didn't because that wasn't what this was all about. But of course people want to bring up small ish on me.

Of course your friends will take up for you and TAG TEAM but I stand ON MY OWN. I don't need people surrounding me to buck me up. I don't need to tell my friends a bunch of shit about you or make up shit and then have them throw it out there.. Hahaha. Its silly. I let it get to me because I had a guy who doesn't even know me text me about it.. Taggin random people. I'm cool now.. with my blackplanet picture and all. You're soooo gay. And i'm not talking about your sexuality :)

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