Tuesday, January 27, 2009

WHAT a friend..

"... boyfriends and friends are like batteries; interchangeable and if they start actin up or quit working for you, throw them out and replace them."

Now I've been thinking about all of this alot lately. The whole idea of a friend and how some people spend the majority of their time either trying to find or keep a friend. A Girl Like Me (shouts Rihanna) never quite dwealt on the issue of "friendship" because it has been coming and going for years. I learned the hard way back in elementary that a friend only lasts as long as they want to be there. As soon as something more appealing comes around or a situation arouses where they feel they can't keep up anymore.. they gone. Poof. Especially with girls..

So my philosophy is treat everyone like a battery. Throw them OUT when they're dead.. hahaha.

So morbid of me but true. I kind of feel a little Z-Ro ish by saying this but I am truly ONE deep. I spend the majority of MY day in MY room by MYSELF. I go to class by MYSELF. I eat dinner mostly by MYSELF. I am always a solo star so I don't need any back up dancers or singers. This is a one WOMAN show, Starring Bee.

This is not to say that I don't hang with a few people occasionally.. When I go out I don't have a few girls with me or I never go chill with the homies. I do. The difference between me and most people I know is that it never bothered me that I didn't have alot of close friends. Folks so scandalous these days so I treat them all the same. Oh we may be 'cool' but you are not my "bitch", my "nigga", my ace boon nothing.. Can't even call it an aquaintance because I've known some of those for years. It may even be fitting to call them groupies or fans. Damn that was harsh huh??

Anywho, the same applies to men. They come, they go.. That easily. sometimes its just a bang bang skeet skeet situation other times its something more. Who cares. A guy is only temporary.. But my man is for keeps. hahahahaha...

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