Thursday, January 15, 2009


i'm leaving on a jet plane.. don't when i'll be back again...

& thats so true. i do not know when i'll be back. i mean, why bother? i don't have a house out here anymore.. i don't have a home really. sucks.
i might as well stay in atlanta. i doubt if i'll come back home for summer break. most likely i'll be in summer school.

soo yeah.. that's basically the plan.
atlanta for good.


oh yeah, this little fur ball is the one who took my place in my former home. Introducing Dottie the BITCH. Yes I named her.. Mainly because of the spot on top of her head. Only 6 weeks old. ugh, She chewed on my zebra boots.. and basically cries all night. Hmph!

unfortunately, the big beastly Boodie is utterly afraid of the feisty pup. Runs away from her & is becoming horribly territorial now that she's here. Sad.. He's feeling like me i guess, pushed aside and left out.. Another doggie is taking his PLACE. It's not fair that someone's mother now moves in her boyfriend & his daughter who has now taken over the room that i've had since i was like 10 years old. I had to settle for ONE dresser drawer the whole break, Slept ON the couch.. no PRIVACY. Yeah. My life sucks. fuck it.

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