Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So Good.

So good.. Kelly & Bey said it way better than I ever could.

"Hey how you doing? Yeah, I'm doing mighty fine
That's how I say 'it's been a long time'
Stop smiling at me, get that look off your face
Please dont even front, stop being so fake
I know you don't like me, yeah you've made it very clear
You always talkin' 'bout me from what I hear
Always put me down when you thought that you could

But I want you to know that I'm doin' so good ...

... Wasn't it you that said that I thought I was all that
And you said I didn't have a clue
Wasn't it you that said
That I wouldn't make it through
Wasn't it you that said that I wouldn't do too good
And now I made it out the hood
I want you to know that I'm doing so good "

My official anthem.. Had to take it back because alot of people have been so freakin fake lately. You were happy when I was at my lowest point.. But damn, once a girl starts to live it UP and do something positive with her life EVERYBODY wants to bring YOU DOWN. Nobody is going to do that for me.. Loved to throw up my past in my face like I am still that young naive little girl who obviously made a LOT of mistakes.. That was then, this is now. No I am not ashamed of anything that Beezy did. And I don't take back anything that Beezy said. I have no apologies. I am just so happy and that is all that matters to me. I've been through the fire and back again.. I have done all that crazy nonsense. That part of my life is over. I'm all about graduating in 2011 from Spelman College.. What about you?

I may have not had as much as some people growing up but trust I had more than enough. Do you not remember those days?? My parents made sure I had everything I wanted and needed (minus a damn car..) So just because I may not flaunt stuff, doesn't mean I have nothing. Unlike others I do not need validation to know that i am "ALL THAT AND A BAG OF CHIPS" lol. I don't need to post pictures of where I go and what I do to prove to the world of Facebook any gosh darn thing.

These same people who swore up and down that I would be a nobody with a house full of kids are some of the main ones who are knocked up or with a couple of bebe's now. Twenty years old with NO kids, NO baby daddy's..

But really, I have a loong way to go. I'm nowhere near perfect...

Anywho, I don't need people to go and read my blog daily to check on who and what I'm talking about. The number has been the same since 2004. Its 2009 baby.. Nothing has changed but the name of my service provider. So if anywho out there in cyber space has anything to say.. PLEASE feel free to call.. if you don't want to chat.. Text. Don't wanna do that.. email me. Don't like that option either.. Call my mama.. or my brother. Or my cousins. Or Obama. I don't care..

but please no more internet gangsterisms.

el fin.

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