Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mi novio futuro

So on to my future fiance.. He is damn near perfect, though I don't see any of his flaws.. SMH. He is so driven and motivated to be the absolute best that HE can be. He is a man of God, so spiritual-- something that I'm lacking in my life (spirituality). He even inspires me for the better and challenges me to be better without even knowing it (DC3).. Intelligent. Funny. Fine, oh sooo freakin' fine. Funny thing is.. I've had a kindergarten crush on him for years.. Like I'd see him and be like hmmmm.. & then my cousin would always tell me that me and his friend would be PERFECT for each other because we were kind of the same mentally i suppose.. But I was just like nahhh i doubt it.

But after awhile it was evident that he amy have been right.. We were facebook friends for almost a year before he decided to hit me up one night while he was at work. Purely out of boredom and then it escalated from their. He had a girlfriend so it was a strictly friend relationship.. Formed a strong bond and I felt like I could talk to him about ANYTHING. It was blissful lol. And after what.. 2 years we're still that way. Feel like I can tell him anything and he won't judge me. Levels me out. Mellows me out. When I'm feelin like bustin a bitch in her damn face.. He gets me to chill & be like whatever. :) But I've known him since I was a small child.. Since Lil' Wayne's "The Block Is Hot" song was out.. so he is NO stranger. He comments on all of my good qualities and not my flaws though he knows I have them-- says I'll outgrow it.

Man.. I know you love that ish. And we've been on a level. And we're on this level. And it is by no means eye level.

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