Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ten Annoyances of 2008

So, with the nearly lethal combination of home cooked meals, free alcohol & no sleep til christmas; I had alot of time to come up with a small list of things that somewhat annoyed me throughout the year..
Now, its not ALL things that annoyed me, just some.. not even the TOP because that would be a tad bit too personal, and i'd hurt many many feelings..
so here is a snippet of the things that annoyed me in 2008.

1. The emergence of stupid meaningless follow-the-leader-do-as-i-say dance songs after the near fatal Crank That era. WTF?! Dudes don't even DANCE with girls anymore, why?! Because everyone is too busy My Dougie'n, Halle Berry'n, Stanky leg'n, rack daddy'n, ricky bobby'n etc.. Its STUPID. You know what, i'm gonna record a stupid dance song.. talk about gettin free drinks at the club cuz i look good and how i dont work cuz i dont have to and my daddy gives me money and oh me and my girls are sooo fly and yeahh.. have a stupid dance to go along with it, the Beezy Bee.. stinging bitches and whatnot. Bet i'll be playin all night long at your local club or house party..

2. Getting numerous event invitations to the SAME party!!! Why are you party promoters, i mean.. flyer passer outters making 5 or so different events for the SAME party and then sending them to the SAME ppl.. And oh no, now I have like 2 or so MESSAGES that correspond to ALL of the event invites that are pointless! And i have facebook mobile sooo i get texts at 4am about that dumb shit.. so you know what i did?! i just deleted every person from my friends list that sends out unruly amounts of event invites and messages.. You're not even really AFFILIATED with the group!! All you do is pass out flyers and annoy people to get into parties free.. Wow. Get paid, then i'll respect you. UGH. ANNOYING!

3. Guys who want all the benefits of being in a relationship BUT somehow just aren't ready to commit smh. now thats just silly! If we're not official, then you can't officially BUG the hell out of me ie STalking my cell phone, creeping through my profile.. thinkin that you can just be an annoyance and get all benefits without at least sayin that we can be "more than just friends" hahaha.

4. Guys who have girlfriends that still find the need to flirt with you.. now thats just wrong. Its soo not right that you're callin me and textin all the freakin time knowing that you have a girlfriend. Gross. LoSER. ok ok, so i must admit, seems that all the good guys are attached already any how.. smh

5. People asking me stupid questions via text, email, message, note, etc... You know thats my BIGGEST annoyance.. Don't ask stupid questions. el fin. You know the, What do you like to do for fun- describe yourself- questions of the "initial" hook up. Or the one worded texts like "sup" "hey" "yo".. that are followed by the typical "nothing chillen" response which should end the conversation but of course they want to draw out the conversation to make it longer.. If you have nothing to say, don't text me.. If you're bored.. Please just state it initially.. Like Hey i'm bored, help!!

6. People who continue to call you back to back after you have ignored there first five failed attempts at communication. Look. Chances are I'm SLEEP or not in the mood to talk.. I sleep all day.. I'll text or call back when I'm up and normal.. Don't think i'm being rude or something, I'm just tired. And then they become extra sensitive leaving vmails & texts askin why you're ignoring them.. SMH.. and my cell is usually on vibrate or silent so I don't hear that ish.. I don't even like having a phone while i'm home.. people are bug-a-boos these days. Call once, leave voicemail/text.. keep it moving.

7. Facebook or general Internet gangsters.. Why argue through a computer screen, then once you see each other.. umm silence. Its retarded. Yall are retarded. Grow up.


9. College guys who think they are goons or thugs. Dude, you're in college. You are soo not hood. smh

10. ME.

Hell, seems like everybody under the sun annoyed the hell out of me.. I know I annoyed myself. hehe :)

** more to come..

- Bee.

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